Alpe Audio Learn & Earn!

Earn cash by creating a lifelong learning habit! 📚💰

For the first time you can earn cash by creating a lifelong learning habit! Sounds too good to be true? Maybe, but at Alpe we've got your back to make sure you create good learning habits and master topics from A-Z.

Why we're doing this

Creating productive habits is hard! We know. That's why we want to help you align incentives, put your skin in the game, your money where your mouth is and give you the opportunity to earn a pretty handsome return on investment!

Welcome to the first of its kind Learning Pool! 📚💰 Commit to a weekly learning goal - Learn and Earn!

How it works

Ante up 💸

Join the learning pool: Commit $5 to the Alpe pool. If you complete your learning goal during the week, not only do you keep your initial investment, you also receive cash from everyone who didn't complete their learning goals!

For example if you and a friend join the learning pool, but only you complete your weekly learning goals, you'll receive $10 at the end of the week - their $5 ante + your $5

Learning goals 🏆

The weekly goals you have to achieve are:

  1. Complete a lesson
  2. Review the lesson summary
  3. Review 3 flash cards

Complete these tasks each week to stay in the game and earn

Depositing & withdrawing

To participate, you must join the pool by midnight on Sunday (GMT time zone) by depositing $5.

Money can't be withdrawn for the following 6 days, until end of day Saturday GMT - That's when the weekly challenge ends. Your balance and winnings will be updated throughout Sunday in the app and in the Slack channel.

If you want to withdraw your investment - no worries: just shoot us an email or talk to us in the Alpe app (settings >> contact us) and we'll send you your money back no questions asked!

Join Learn & Earn

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If I want to withdraw my $5 in the middle of the week can I?

Nope, withdrawals can be made in between pools - on Sunday each week. You can definitely let us know throughout the week but the withdrawal itself will only be done on Sunday. Why? Because you're committing to a joint pool and putting your money where your mouth is!

If I don't withdraw money at the end of the week, am I automatically committed to the next week's pool?

If you don't withdraw your investment or let us know that you'd like to pause the pool by Sunday at midnight GMT, you will be part of the following weeks pool automagically. This is all about building a productive habit and getting used to learning each and every week!

How can I withdraw my $5?

Just shoot us an email to or talk to us in the Alpe app (settings >> contact us) and we'll send you your money back no questions asked that Sunday!

Is Alpe making money off of this?

None whatsoever! This is all about helping learners build a learning habit.

Where can I see how much money I've earned?

We'll send you an update each and every Sunday by 6pm GMT that lets you know how much money you've earned.